It’s nice to know I have a solid reputation.

In drama scene from, “Haze of Dreams,” Ernest and Roscoe try to do business together, but their egos seem to generate their conflict.

ERNEST: That makes fifty.

ROSCOE: Why not one hundred?

ERNEST: We agreed on fifty.

ROSCOE: You made more on that deal.

ERNEST: …as my right.

ROSCOE: It was your right.

ERNEST: Part of the deal.

ROSCOE: It was.

ERNEST: (gesturing to the cardboard box) There’s your fifty.

Ernest begins to stand up.

ROSCOE: Sit down, Ernest.

ERNEST: I need to get back to –

ROSCOE: You nervous?

ERNEST: You’re making me suspicious.

ROSCOE (calmly): Take a seat.

Ernest slowly sits.

…I don’t like catching the short end of the stick, son.

ERNEST: What short end?

ROSCOE: Half-truths.

ERNEST: I told you all you needed to know.

ROSCOE: That’s true from your point of view, but from where I’m sitting, there was information I was not given, and I don’t appreciate that.

ERNEST: What information do you wish you had, Roscoe?

ROSCOE (laughs): Come now. There ain’t so much as a mosquito taking a piss that doesn’t first ask for my permission.

ERNEST (smiling): I was warned about you.

ROSCOE: It’s nice to know I have a solid reputation.

ERNEST: One hundred thousand.

ROSCOE: I’ll have them zeros.

ERNEST: I’ll tell you what.




ERNEST: It’s not good enough.

ROSCOE: That’s mighty bold of you.

ERNEST: It’s just business, sir.

ROSCOE: Walking out of here just got that much harder for you.

ERNEST: You can’t intimidate me.


ERNEST: I have more shipments waiting to set sail. I can go anywhere, or I can arrange it so they only come through your port on a regular basis. I don’t mind paying the toll, Mr. Roscoe, but I clearly need to stay above margins in order to make a profit.

ROSCOE: You’ve nowhere else to go!

ERNEST: Alright, you might run this region, but you don’t own the ocean.

ROSCOE: How often will deliveries arrive?

ERNEST: To start, once a month. As we ramp up operations, we can get this going on a weekly basis within the first year. I’ve a plan to bring in enough volume on the daily. I will bring you more business, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Here’s what I demand, discounted rates for the sheer volume I will provide; my competition must receive a price hike in order to squeeze them out. What I will provide for you will outpace all profits from everyone else combined.

ROSCOE: Quite shrewd. You’re an obstinate f’cker, and it might get you places.

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Haze of Dreams by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Haze of Dreams” Roscoe isn’t happy with his cut of a shipment deal because he believes he wasn’t told all the necessary information beforehand.  Ernest wants to work out a future deal for more shipments in which they can both make a substantial sum, but Roscoe seems to only be toying with Ernest.  2 Men.  Drama.

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