Angel Prayers

In this monologue, MILANI is a teenager who has fell into a “bad group” of friends and has been in rebellion with school, family and the law.  In this monologue, she talks to herself in her bedroom.

MILANI:  Angels…where’s my angel?  They say it’s my mother’s brother but he must be crazy to look out for me…How can an angel keep up?  How can an angel, MY angel not get tired of my behavior?

…I should pray for my Angel instead.  I should care more about him than he does for me.  Is he getting enough sleep?  Does he even need to sleep where he is?  Does he stress over the bad choices I’ve made?  Does he cry for me when I cry?  Bleed when I bleed?

What made him choose me?  (beat) I don’t deserve to have an angel…not sure if he can even make a difference…I wonder if he hears me, when I try speaking to him…I wish I knew.

(talking aloud)  “Do you hear me Uncle Edward?  Do you ever listen?” (beat) Maybe if there was a sign, if there was some way he can show me that he’s real, maybe then I can believe; maybe then I will be strong enough to be better.

Joseph Arnone


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