13 Free Monologues for Teenagers

13 Free Monologues for Teenagers is a collection of short teen monologues for High School auditions, industry castings, video uploads and acting reels.

Topics include fighting, rap, robotics, drinking, vaping, self-discovery and identity crises and more.

13 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Fired Up – Bryan is angry at his friend for talking trash behind his back.
  2. Starting Fires – Jan tells her sister that she needs to chill out and stop acting irrational and emotional over small situations.
  3. Out In The Open – an older man tries coming on to Desi and she let’s out her intelligent and vicious side.
  4. Practice Test – Gene complains to his mother to get off his back because he’s already studied for his exam.
  5. Look Me In The Eye – Lena has been feeling some cold shade coming from her boyfriend these past few weeks and confronts him about it.
  6. Runaway – Tina isn’t happy and this monologues explores her issues and what she’s doing about it to get on track in her life.
  7. Mad Mike – a young rapper dreams of the big time and while he practices in front of the mirror his mother calls him for din din.
  8. Cider, Baby – an unhealthy obsession with drinking too much apple cider.
  9. Show Me How Much You Love Me – Lorella talks to her boyfriend over the fact that they don’t spend enough quality time with one another.
  10. Robotics – Nick is struggling with figuring out who he is and what he wishes to do with his life.
  11. Bad Look – Emily cares about her friend but the only problem is that she tends to embarrass her in public due to her obnoxious laugh.
  12. Gym Class Fight – Eliot explains to his principle why he got into a physical fight during gym class.
  13. Vaper Addict – Jesse wants her boyfriend to quit his obsession with vaping.

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