Bullet Wound

In drama monologue from short play, “Bullet Wound”, Russel tells his friend Espen that he reminds him of his deceased dog Bull.

RUSSEL: Had me a dog once…only one I could trust. Was a stray, skin and bones, beat up, filthy, and only had one eye. I fed him one day, some meat. Didn’t see him for a while after that, imagined he died, but then I found him laying next to a dumpster by the tracks; was dehydrated. I brought him back home. Made a whole apartment for him, nursed him back to health for months…he became so strong..named him Bull..was my constant companion. He protected me the way I protected him, till one day he became ill..took him to the vet, wasn’t eating right..vet told me it was cancer..tried to save him, performed surgery too, but, it didn’t take. Bull got worse, fast as the days were turning, started bleeding, hemorrhaging, had to put him down. I put him down, in my arms…in my arms he was…in my arms, so…I buried him and all. Something about you always reminded me of Bull..that stupid way you smile, crooked like, that’s Bull…you and him could be twins..ha, least when ya smile like…

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Bullet Wound by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act play, “Bullet Wound”, best friends in crime are chosen to cancel one another out without the other knowing because they must follow the rules. 2 Men, 1 Woman. Drama.

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