In the comedy monologue Charade, Philip goes on a rant about constantly getting bothered to pick items up at the store while heading home from work.

PHILIP:  You work from home all day. Can’t you go and spring for some milk on your own damn time? You have to bother me! And it’s not like it’s on a random night or once in a blue moon! No, It’s always timed so perfectly, just when I’m finally on my way home from the most brutal day. Like that’s what I want to do after drudging away at my job since the early hours. Get milk, get cigarettes, get sponges and sometimes you ask me to get sh’t I’ve never heard of that’s impossible to find! Like that lip balm you wear, what’s that thing called, that carmel sh’t? I had to go into several stores before I could find that damned thing! And you know I hate it, ’cause I hate that strawberry smell, makes me feel like my throat is closing up, it bothers my allergies! But, do you happen to care, Rey? No, I don’t think you do, goes in one ear and out the other, doesn’t it Reginald. And my allergies, you don’t seem to understand how fatal they can be. What if one day I pass out from asphyxiation, what would you do then?

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Charade Play Act by Joseph Arnone

In the one act eplay Charade, Philip and Reginald are out for dinner at their favorite restaurant but when the check arrives neither of them wish to pay it.  2 Men.  Serio-Comedy.

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