Damned If I Do

Here’s a short drama script titled DAMNED IF I DO featuring 1 woman (RINA) and 1 man (FRITZ) who are in a heated battle over family versus love.

Damned If I Do

RINA: We’re you going Laborio?

LABORIO:  Where you think I’m going?

RINA:  No!  You are not leaving this house!

LABORIO:  Don’t tell me what I’m doing.

Rina stands in front of him.

RINA:  No way.  There is no way you are going there to help him.

LABORIO:  Are you kidding me or what?  This is my brother!

RINA:  I don’t give a sh’t who it is!  You aren’t like your brother.  He’s a troublemaker and you’re always getting him out of trouble.  One of these days you’re gonna save him and get yourself hurt or killed even.  You think I don’t know the stuff he’s involved in?  Huh?  You think I’m stupid?  I’m far from stupid and the things Remo is doing is dangerous.  He’s in over his head and of course now he calls his big brother to save his ass.

Laborio tries to walk passed Rina

NO!  I said you’re not going and that’s that.

LABORIO:  Rina, listen, listen to me please cause you’re getting me crazy now and I’m already crazy over my brother.

RINA: What does he want from you?

LABORIO:  He needs back up.

RINA:  Back up?  Back up how?

LABORIO:  He needs me to be there.

RINA: I said no!  You leave this house we are over.  We are done.  I’m not tolerating this sh’t anymore with you and your idiot brother.  Call him!  Call him on the phone right now, I want to talk to him.

LABORIO:  I’m not calling him.

RINA:  I’ll call him from my phone.

Rina motions to get her phone.

LABORIO:  Stop it!  You don’t understand he’s in a situation.

RINA:  You promised me last time that you wouldn’t get involved with him anymore and I believed you.  You swore on your Mother.

LABORIO:  He called me for help!  I can’t turn my back on him, he’s my blood.

RINA:  You leave, I’m out.

LABORIO:  Rrrr!  Rina, my brother is in a situation and if I’m not there something bad is gonna happen to him.

RINA:  Who are you?

LABORIO:  They will know who I am when they see me.

RINA:  Oh, the big tough guy talk now.  So big and tough. You see?  He’s sucking you back in.  You changed your life!  You aren’t like that anymore, remember?

LABORIO:  I have to be if it means family.

RINA:  No, you don’t.  That’s where you’re all screwed up in the head.


RINA: And what am I?  Tell me.  What the hell am I?

LABORIO:  I already told him I was coming.

RINA:  Laborio, you are stepping back into a place where I won’t recognize you anymore…

LABORIO:  This is the last time.  He needs me.  He’s my younger brother and I’m all he’s got.  He can’t turn to nobody but me…I can’t let him down.

RINA:  Then we are over.

LABORIO:  Why are you doing this to me?

RINA:  You are doing this to you?

LABORIO:  Rina, the men who are rolling up on my brother are dangerous, you’re right and they know who I am and yes, I’m not rolling that way no more and I’m out of that life but they will only back down if they see my face.

RINA:  But don’t you see you idiot that by going there they are gonna include you too and that’s it, it’s game over…all your hard work, everything we’ve dreamed, everything we’ve fought for, it’s all gone in an instant as soon as they see your face.

LABORIO:  And if my brother dies tonight, what do you think that will do to me, anyway?  I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  You are right about what you are saying and believe me when I tell you I agree with you…I love you more than anything in the world but I can’t have my brother’s blood on my hands and if that means sacrificing my own life, than that’s what I’m gonna do because I don’t know any other way.  I can’t make up excuses for who I am in my heart but this is it, take me or leave me…I’m not leaving my brother all alone, I’m gonna straighten out this situation, I’m gonna straighten him out for good and I’m going to make sure that the people he’s involved with disappear cause that’s the only way.

RINA:  This isn’t happening…please, please tell me you’re not doing this to me…

LABORIO:  Maybe I’ll always just be an animal…

Laborio leaves the house.


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