End Point

All characters speak with an American southern accent in this short drama script for 3 people entitled, End Point.  5-10 minute duration.

End Point

[Living Room/Kitchen/Porch]

Sam: Why you always playin’ with that yo-yo?

Mindy: Keeps me calm.

Sam: What you trying to keep calm from?

Mindy: Life.

Sam: Ain’t that a bit generalized?

Mindy: Nope.


(Sam goes into the refrigerator, pulls out a beer and cracks it open)

Sam: (to himself) Life…life, life, life…

(Sam crosses over through the living room from the kitchen to go on the outdoor porch)

(to himself) Goddamn, that’s beautiful.  Thank the Lord for you, sun.  Thank God for the Goddamn sun.

(Trevor pulls up in his truck. He steps out and walks past Sam and about to enter the house)

Before your hand touches that handle, you best be coming over here first to greet me.

(Trevor walks over to Sam and they eye one another)

What’s all the hot blood about?

Trevor: It’s between me and your daughter.

Sam: Ain’t nothing private in life, Trevor.  Sooner or later everybody’s gonna know your business, no matter how much weight you keep on the lid.  There will always be drips on the sides the longer you keep things locked up, till eventually you end up like me.  (beat) Out with it.

(Mindy comes to screen door)

Mindy: What you doing here moron? I already told you we’re done.

Trevor: Mindy, this is serious.

Sam: Mindy, get your ass on out here.

(Mindy steps out on porch)

Go on you two, I just want to watch.

Mindy: I told you we’re done, Trev.  Don’t come round here no more.

Trevor: Why is everything I do always bring us to the end point? You always go and make a big deal out of nothing.

Mindy: You ever think that maybe you should consider what’s important to me?

Trevor: Well…

Mindy: Well what? You’re just too damn ignorant for me.  If you can’t reason with my feelings then piss off.

Sam: (laughs) Trevor, haha, she just told you to piss right off.

Mindy: Quit it, Daddy.

Sam: I’m just chiming in.

Mindy: Don’t chime.

Trevor: If you want this done, then it’s done.  I don’t need your abuse.

Mindy: Fine.

Trevor: Fine?

Mindy: I said fine.  Fine is fine.

Trevor: FINE!

(Trevor storms back to his truck)

Sam: (waving) Fine, fine.

(Trevor speeds off)

Mindy, you playing him or will I see his potato face again?

Mindy: We’re through.

Sam: Well, hallelujah.  Bring Daddy another beer, please…please, darling.  Thanks.

(Mindy goes in house and comes back with another beer)

That one’s yours.  Still drinking mine.  Come sit with me for a minute, won’t ya?

Mindy: Don’t want no drink…

Sam: Drink up.  Takes the edge off and you’ll see straight. (beat) About two days ago, while you were at school or with your friends, I forget which, I was doing some gardening here, or at least trying to do some gardening…making a damn fool of myself with them tomatoes, your mother always had the knack, she was perfection.  (beat) I’m out here sweating a storm, crouching and leaning and suddenly there was a cool breeze that crossed my neck and it was so nice, so sweet that is made me take a seat as if it placed me on its own accord.  I felt this gentle poke in my breast shirt pocket, so I started fishing for whatever it was with my fingers and out I pull a photo of your mother and me together right in front of this here garden.  (beat) Don’t ask me how the photo got there but there she was…just saying hello.


Life.  That’s life.  Boy oh boy darling…ain’t that life…


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