Greatest Act of Kindness

In this period drama scene, COUNT DIRAFF plans on putting a stop to the budding romance between SANDRA and Sir TALBOLT and the reasons why.

The Greatest Act of Kindness

COUNT DIRAFF: (to Caretaker) Mildred, have you seen the arrival of Sir Talbolt?

MILDRED: No sir, should I send for him?

COUNT DIRAFF: No, no, that’s quite alright.

MILDRED: May I serve you tea on the hour?

COUNT DIRAFF: None for me. That will be all. (beat) Oh, Mildred. On second thought, would you be so kind as to inform Sandra that I would like to have a word?

MILDRED: By all means.

(Count Diraff nods)

(enter Sandra)

COUNT DIRAFF: Please, have a seat. There seems to be an issue at hand.

SANDRA: What issue may that be?

COUNT DIRAFF: I would like to be direct, if I may.

SANDRA: Please.

COUNT DIRAFF: I would like for you to tell me what your relation is with Sir Talbolt?

SANDRA: Whatever do you mean?

COUNT DIRAFF: Don’t fool with me girl, you know exactly what I mean!

SANDRA: We are friends. Good friends, indeed.

COUNTR DIRAFF: Good friends, indeed.

SANDRA: Will that be all?

COUNT DIRAFF: I have sent for him. I will have you know that your relation shall come to its end today.

SANDRA: (she stands) What are you doing?

COUNT DIRAFF: You will have nothing to do with this man. He is not fit to be in the presence of your company. I know his family quite well. Enough to know that any further communication between you and him will only deliver you to great harm.

SANDRA: How dare you—

COUNT DIRAFF: Don’t! You will abide by my rules. This is not for discussion. When Sir Talbolt arrives, he will be greeted and treated most fair but I assure you, when he leaves our premises, he will never look back upon the likes of you again.

SANDRA: My father would never—

COUNT DIRAFF: I know what’s best for you and this is final! It is my honor and duty to care for your well being at all times. This friendship you claim must go no further, simply because of whom this man is spawned from.

SANDRA: Who? Who is he derived from? He is not like his family. He has nothing to do with any of them. He is a good man, living an honest life. His reputation is remarkable. Ask anyone in town—

COUNT DIRAFF: I said that’s enough! There shall be no debate. My word is final, Sandra. The apple does not fall far from it’s tree. There is no doubt in my mind that this man here, will not fall far from where his father rests at this present time.
SANDRA: You are wrong about this, Uncle.

COUNT DIRAFF: I might be, but why take a chance? I will not play chess with your soul.

SANDRA: Why must you always be so hard? Haven’t you any kindness?

COUNT DIRAFF: I assure you my dear, this is my greatest act of kindness. I don’t expect you to understand.

SANDRA: May I leave now?

COUNT DIRAFF: That you may.

(Sandra rushes out)


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