Haze of Dreams

Drama monologue from “Haze of Dreams” wherein Roscoe lets Ernest know where he stands with their current negotiation.

ROSCOE: Well, you will increase your affluence. You’re forgetting that I am already established. When you get to where I am now, things come easy. Nothing ever really matters other than playing the moves because the game is life; it’s what keeps the wheel turning, and believe me, nobody wants the wheel to stop. Round and round we go, throwing our hats in the ring; some get trampled on, others caught up in the haze of dreams, landing on opportunity or vanishing into the distance, never to be. My father died penniless…but, he had a secret weapon…(pours liquor). I do not give a damn whether or not we make this deal, son. I don’t. I would much rather poke holes in your armor, to see what you are made of…

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Haze of Dreams by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Haze of Dreams” Roscoe isn’t happy with his cut of a shipment deal because he believes he wasn’t told all the necessary information beforehand.  Ernest wants to work out a future deal for more shipments in which they can both make a substantial sum, but Roscoe seems to only be toying with Ernest.  2 Men.  Drama.

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