I constantly have people calling me up, complainin’ about you.

In drama scene from, “Up the Line” Gino tries to convince Paulie to marry Tallulah in order to keep him from getting into more trouble.

GINO: You’re gonna marry her.

PAULIE: What??

GINO: You’re marrying her.

PAULIE: I can’t marry her.

GINO: You have to.

PAULIE: I don’t have to do sh’t.

Gino smacks Paulie upside the head.

GINO: How ’bout now?

PAULIE: Don’t touch me!

GINO: Stupid.

PAULE: What’s your problem?

GINO: What’s my problem? YOU’RE my problem! I gotta fix everything you touch.

PAULIE: Let me live my own life, why you always gettin’ involved?

GINO: Why?


GINO: ‘Cause you’re thick in the head, Paulie! I constantly have people calling me up, complainin’ about you. I bump into somebody on the street, they’re complainin’ about you. And now this latest stunt you pulled with Tallulah, you’re gonna get your head broke.

PAULIE: Why’s everybody gotta –

GINO: They’re her brothers, Paulie! You know who her brothers are, right?

PAULIE: Yeah…so?

GINO: Don’t give me that so bulls’t. The only reason why you’re not in the hospital already or worse is because of me. They spoke to me about you over what you did.

PAULIE: I didn’t do nothin’.

Gino smacks Paulie upside the head.

GINO: Don’t f’n lie to me, Paul. (Beat.) Whatch you take?

PAULIE: I thought it was loose change.

GINO: Whatch you take?!

PAULIE: I took, some steaks, uh, bottle of whiskey, a bottle of red, two bottles, two bottles of red…

GINO: And?


GINO: (Looks at Paulie.)

PAULIE: Alright, alright…a bit of cash.

GINO: How much?

PAULIE: It was just layin’ there like –

GINO: I said, how much?

PAULIE: It was an envelope, and I didn’t realize how much was in there till I got back home.

GINO: Where is it?

PAULIE: I…I used it up.

GINO: You what?

PAULIE: I played cards.

Gino grabs Paulie by the shirt and shakes him, he pushes him on the bed.


PAULIE: Two grand…

GINO: Two g’s…didn’t you know who you was taking it from?

PAULIE: I knew.

GINO: Didn’t the thought pass through your brain that that was a bad idea?

PAULIE: It did.

GINO: Couldn’ta been five cents, it don’t matter, it’s WHO, WHO you took it from…it goes up the line Paulie.

PAULIE: Technically, I already gave it back, right?

GINO: Whatch you just say?

PAULIE: At the table, playin’ cards..it’s owned by Carlo, no?


PAULIE: I lost it all inside his place, so he got his money back, in a way, right?

GINO: You know, you’re a nut, right?

PAULIE: So, does this mean I can’t work at the butchers no more?

GINO: That’s the least of your worries.

PAULIE: I could work it off then.

GINO: Nah, nah, there’s no working it off Paulie.

PAULIE: There’s not?

GINO: Not this time.

PAULIE: What’s that mean?

GINO: It means what I just said.

PAULIE: They coming for me?

GINO: Nobody’s coming for you..not now..’cause of me..I already agreed to give them the two grand plus interest on your behalf you f’n mule.

PAULIE: Oh…so, I’m good then.

GINO: (Chuckles.) You’re off in the head. You think this is a game Paulie?

PAULIE: I’ll pay you back the money!

GINO: No. You won’t.

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