The Attic

In The Attic, Onya is willing to go the distance in order to finally receive love from someone whose heart remains defiant.

ONYA:  One day, when you least expect it, when your heart forgets to protect itself, you will turn to me and innocently say, “Onya, I love you.” And when you first say those words, it will be as if you heard someone else speak them. But slowly, your words will sink inside of you and cement themselves to your beating heart; you will no longer be capable of pushing them away; every fiber of your being will be invigorated by love; every pain you’ve ever held on to will willingly release itself and set you free. (beat) I will remain in this dingy, cold attic, year after year, for however long it takes…I will repaint your shed over and over again, I will follow your rules, I will do all the things you want me to do, but I will never leave, not until the day comes when love wins…

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The Attic by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Attic, Maureen opens up her home to allow a stranger named Onya to move in the attic and take up residency, so long as she does the chores that are expected of her.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.  Absurd.

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