Danny is trying to convince his boy to get out of the house and go to an ill party where this girl is going to be there waiting to meet him.

Danny:  You always back out, man. Not cool, bro.  I been talking you up all week and now you want to bail?  Dude, I got money, man.  We don’t even need money, it’s gonna be a house party and it’s gonna be lit as hell, yo.  Get your ass dressed and I’ll give you twenty bucks so you feel better.  Damn, just give it back whenever, I don’t care.  Really.

Dude, yeah, she wants to meet you, bro.  She don’t even speak English that good.  Perfect cause your half a retard anyway.  She’s here for the summer, man.  Blah!  Don’t you want to meet her man?  She’s like Italian or whatever.  I told you all this already!  I showed you the photos, she’s dope.  

Stop with the video games man, please, you’re killing me. (beat) Yeah man, she’s, go get dressed, alright?  Stop stallin’, start ballin’ kid.  Seriously.

Joseph Arnone


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