Lunch With The Enemy

In the comedic one-act play Lunch With The Enemy, Tara tries to convince her co-worker Ella not to start dating  the wicked James Dupont.

TARA: That’s because he’s fooling you. Trust me. He told you things about me because he knows we are friends and that sooner or later you were going to spill the beans. It was deliberate. I can only imagine what else he secretly has planned. This is only the beginning. He’s masterful that way, I give him that, I give him all the deceitful tricks under the sun, but I’m telling you beware, BEWARE Ella beware, cause he will pollute your mind, he will corrupt your heart and turn it rotten, BEWARE, he is as slick as a snake slithering down the mountainside of the Mojave Desert. No one notices he’s there, until POOF, he bites you with his venomous fangs and claims your life…

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Lunch With The Enemy In this comedic one-act eplay, Tara is going bananas over the fact that her co-worker and close friend Ella had lunch with James Dupont the guy she can’t stomach, who also works with them.

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