Manic Situations

In Manic Situations, Lula confides in her sister Sally over how she can’t seem to find any balance or joy in her life.

LULA: So damn tired of all these manic situations. One wave after another slapping me down. There’s too much water, Sally. I can’t get back up on my own two feet anymore. Chucky wants me to have a baby, says that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy. But Chucky don’t really know me, do he? (drops cigarette and stomps it out with her foot) As if to say that having a baby is my cure to life? I been through this life, backwards and forwards, I’ve drawn circles and swung from vines, I’ve jumped through the air and marched through hurricane clouds…I know…I know what’s out there…expect me to be somebody’s momma? (giggles) That’s not my position of power; where I’ll ever hold court. (pause) I don’t know what I want from my life…being awake or sleeping are both filled with a sinking feeling that keeps dragging me down further, where there’s worms, bugs that wish to eat me and make me disappear forever…I don’t ever wanna disappear forever, Sally. (beat) I want to feel…love…can’t that be a good enough reason to live?

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Manic Situations by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Manic Situations, Sally tries to offer another helping hand to her troubled sister Lula.  2 Women.  Drama.

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