Milton’s Plight

In Milton’s Plight, Milton is miserable and depressed over the death of his mother and his husband Joshua does his best to make him happy.  

Milton goes on a (comedic) rant about his unhappy existence.

MILTON: I haven’t slept in weeks. I haven’t showered in days. I’ve been out of work and they won’t take me back. The bastards! Ten years! I’ve given them ten years of my soul, sucked out of my veins. It’s because they secretly despise me. Especially Ronald, oh that son of a bitch had it in for me since day one. The bastard. Always giving me odd stares and making strange noises whenever I went out for lunch. As if I wasn’t allowed to do so. Always making me second guess myself at work. Oh, what a dreadful environment. But how I enjoyed the work…oh, how I love, love, love the work…creating, imagining each day. It was the only thing that made me feel as though I were floating on a cloud. Oh, how I long for those days again. But now, the brutal force of reality is upon me. This robe I wear seems to be my most reliable companion. It hears my cries, my thoughts, my pains…holds my tears. Ronald set me up! That crude, evil man. He gathered all the others against me. One at a time I saw the change in their demeanor. Ah! Until finally, finally the entire place was against me. And wouldn’t you know it, the Grim Reaper came to take me away…fired…me..imagine? Ungrateful bastards. Knowing my mother is dead. No compassion! No flowers, not even a card or a word. Nothing! (he squawks) I hope they all burn in hell, in the darkest, most inconsiderate, most intolerable depths of hell…

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Milton's Plight MiniIn the one-act eplay Milton’s Plight, Joshua tries to get his husband out of his horrific depression and the two go head to head in order to find a happy ending.  Comedy.  2 Men.

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