Scattered Showers

French styled cafe in the big city. Day. Two women, polar opposites (one is hyper business, the other hyper chill) but are always there for one another.

Scattered Showers

Sandra: I can’t seem to keep it together, lately. I’ve never experienced this before. I have to push my brain forward. Does that make sense? I have to literally push my brain through a bitter fog of anger.

Tanya: Jesus.

Sandra: I think it’s a combination of stress and being overwhelmed, so many things scattered around my mind.

Tanya: God.

Sandra: I have to fight for one thought to actually come through and make sense.

Tanya: Mary, Joseph and—

Sandra: Enough with the religious names. I’m serious about this.

Tanya: I’m serious, too. Okay, well, oh, maybe less coffee?

Sandra: Why do I even bother telling you any of this?

Tanya: I’m here for you. You make me nervous.

Sandra: I don’t want to make you nervous. I just want you to be there for me.

Tanya: I’m there, I mean I’m here. I’m here.

Sandra: I can’t talk to Dan about it cause his head is always up his ass with his own selfish problems and my mother is a raging lunatic and the tiniest, ittiest, weeniest little itty bittiest thing I say to her that has any inclination that my life has one problem in it, the entire house comes down. My dad, is like talking to a dead man dug up from the ground. My—

Tanya: I get it, I get it, I get it.

Sandra: Right…sorry.

Tanya: It’s okay. You are blowing off steam. How’s work?

Sandra: Work is a joke. Not a joke, you know, torture but it’s still a joke. See? I don’t even make any sense anymore.

Tanya: Maybe you need a holiday?

Sandra: Tanya, I can’t take a holiday. I could but I can’t, you know?

Tanya: …Wow, I guess you’re sh’t out of luck then, huh?

Sandra: That’s all you got for me?

Tanya: I’m just saying, I’m not really sure what to tell you.

Sandra: Thanks.

Tanya: Well, if I were in your shoes, I guess, I wouldn’t really give a sh’t anymore.

Sandra: I have to give a sh’t about everything.

Tanya: Therein lies the problem.

Sandra: Aaaaaaannnnd?

Tanya: Care less.

Sandra: If I care less, I don’t know what will happen.

Tanya: What will happen?

Sandra: I just said, I don’t know.

Tanya: Exactly.

Sandra: Exactly, what?

Tanya: It’s the fear of not knowing that’s crippling you.

Sandra: Jesus. God. You’re right.

Tanya: No religious names.

Sandra: Right. But you’re right! It’s fear of the black abyss. It’s the not knowing what will happen if I don’t give a damn…what will happen?

Tanya: Nothing.

Sandra: Something needs to happen.

Tanya: I think things will go on as usual.

Sandra: What if I become lazy?

Tanya: Negative. You won’t. You see, things will alter but not become tragic devastation. There won’t be heads rolling in the streets.

Sandra: Ew. I get your point. I’m being too hard on myself and I need to lighten up, huh?

Tanya: Just a tad. Do more fun things. Find activities and other interests other than work and Dan and family and all of it. Just do you.

Sandra: Do me? Wow, I never did me before.

Tanya: There you go. Do you like you’ve never done you before.

Sandra: Damn. Sounds hot.

Tanya: It is hot because you’re hot. You’re a hot b***h.

Sandra: I am a hot b***h, aren’t I?

Tanya: Steaming hot.

Sandra: You’re right. I’m going to be fifteen minutes late going back to work after this. Hell, make it twenty!

Tanya: Do thirty! Screw it!

Sandra: Screw it!  (chanting) Thirty!  Thirty! Thirty!

Tanya: Throw caution to the wind you hot pepper!

Sandra: I am volcanic acid! Don’t come too close.

Tanya: Tsssssss!

Sandra: Watch me burn!  (beat) Oh sh’t, wait!!

Tanya: What?

Sandra: There’s a meeting!

Tanya: What meeting?

Sandra: Oh my God!

Tanya: When?

Sandra: Five minutes. I just remembered. We were supposed to take lunch indoors today. Oh sh’t! I have to bounce on you. Like now! Just cover this and I’ll get you tomorrow or this week or something. Okay? I have to run. I can’t be late!

Tanya: I got this. Don’t worry. Go!

Sandra: Okay, thanks. So sorry to bail!  See you later.

Tanya: Remember what we talked about!

Sandra: Yes, after my meeting I will be the hottest b***h in town!!!


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