Stay The Night

In the drama monologue from Stay The Night, Wilkin opens up to Amanda about one story from his past that he regrets with regards to his father.

WILKIN: Does it mean that much to you?

(AMANDA nods)

When I was a kid, must have been seven or eight years old, I fell ill while at school. My head was pounding and I threw up and I went to the nurses office. Well, I was starting to burn up with fever and my father came to pick me up. I remember being happy to see him because I was so sick, but the minute we left the nurses office I caught a beating in the hallway. Right in front of this girl Tanya I had a crush on. I was smacked one way, then the other way, pushed into the staircase and kicked…and Tanya, by the look of her eyes, I knew she witnessed the whole thing. I was humiliated. I didn’t care less about the beating because I was used to getting hit, but the embarrassment, oh, that was horrible. I knew I’d have to face her and whoever else she told, when I went back to school. Are you happy I shared that story with you?

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