10 Short Film Scripts Available for Production

10 Short Film Scripts Available for Production provides short film script ideas/concepts/scenes you are welcome to elaborate on and produce.

The short scripts on Monologue Blogger may be used for non-commercial projects.  If you are looking to use one of our scripts for commercial work, we do offer licensing options.

10 Short Film Scripts Available for Production

How do you get used to all the blood?”  from HUSH
A studio executive wants to end the career of an actor by trying to bribe a plastic surgeon to perform a botched surgery.

I’m with you Soldier.” from FACING THE SUN
A small group of soldiers are stuck on top of a mountain during the winter while the enemy approaches and they wait for backup forces to arrive.

Don’t call me nuts, you know I hate that.” from HURTS WHEN IT RAINS
Salve is frustrated with his brother for putting a woman he loves before the family business.

You ain’t ever been kissed before?” from CARTWHEEL LEAF
Filipina has a crush on the most unpopular guy at school who goes by the name Cricket but her friend Rita gives her a hard time about it when she finds out.

I once seen a boxer.” from BIG TIME
Maddock is fed up with getting paid peanuts for boxing and wishes to quit in order to make more money.

Teen Monologue For All We've Got

We’re nowhere…so we probably don’t mean nothin’.” from FOR ALL WE’VE GOT
Luna doesn’t want to feel like she’s living in the dumps anymore with no career prospects.  She talks to her best friend about how they both need to make a change in order to find happiness.

I wish you would explode like a grenade.”  from SEE ME AS A STRANGER
Gordy is a young father who can’t even take care of himself but he will stop at nothing to improve his life for the sake of his daughter.

I’m sorry, but I am cleaning your mess.”  from THE BROKEN PIANO
Roxanne does her best to cope with her difficult daughter whom she loves with all her heart.

We’re here to talk about the truth.” from JULIA
Julia suffers from a strange spiritual condition that only someone else who experiences it will understand.

What’s wrong with a bit of fun?” from I’M SORRY YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL
Jake and Amanda have been secretly seeing one another each night after they perform in a Broadway show and it’s caught up to both of them.

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