Won’t he blame me for all of this?

Drama scene from play script, “Red Room” wherein Kelly’s manager Morgan instructs her that she must fire a colleague. 

KELLY: You want me to fire Ralph?

MORGAN: Certainly.

KELLY: It’s hard to explain, but —

MORGAN: DON’T! I don’t wanna hear anymore. Here’s the letter, give it to him and we’ll move on with someone else.

MORGAN hands KELLY the letter, she puts it in her folder and gets up to leave.

Where are you going?

KELLY: To the red room to fire Ralph, I thought —

MORGAN: Sit down. One more thing. How do you feel?

KELLY: I’m fine.

MORGAN: How do you really feel?

KELLY: I’m upset. Ralph and I got on so well, I know he didn’t execute on our ideas enough, let alone bring new ones to the table but he made things easier on me to get things done. He worked with me, not against me. I know I don’t really need a partner in this but I’ll miss him, Morgan. Besides, things can get tough in here and it’s not such a bad thing to have a guy like Ralph around…I’ve gotten to know him quite well, his family, his daughter…what will he? What will he think about me? Won’t he blame me for all of this?

MORGAN: It’s a tough road kid. Tough for all of us and then we die.

KELLY: This all doesn’t feel right. He never did anything to hurt me.

MORGAN: Ah, but he is hurting you Kelly…slowly but surely he is dragging you down, I told you this already. You will only stay at one level if you don’t cut him loose and free yourself. I repeat.

KELLY: Can’t you place him in a different department?

MORGAN: No, no. This isn’t a charity.

KELLY: Why me?

MORGAN: I had a father who did nothing but kick me repeatedly until he died at the ripe old age of ninety-eight. Boom! Boom! Boom! Like it was going out of style. He loved it! But what happened…his kicks lost their potency, not because he got old, but because I got strong. I’m not easy on any of you because I know that deep down, our desires will go to any length to be met, so long as we are willing and able practitioners. Are you?


MORGAN: That’s why you are now on my personal team.

KELLY: Personal?

MORGAN: You’ve been selected to be one of my top ten. Don’t let me down.

KELLY: I won’t.

MORGAN: I know you won’t. Because like me, you’ve known all your life what it feels like to never give up and to have the right mindset. You’ve got hope, something the rest of them don’t have.

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