What Is It With You, Huh?

Uncle Burt is in for a rude awakening when his niece Aggie takes drastic measures to escape her life in this one-act drama eplay Rose to Ash.

BURT: What is it with you, huh? Why you always mad all the time?

AGGIE: …I have potential.

BURT: …Oh man, we gonna have another one of those—

AGGIE: I’m stuck here! In this waste hole of sh’t and I want out!

BURT: So get out! Go! Go! Go!

AGGIE: WHERE? Where can I go?

BURT: Get married!

AGGIE: (screams)

BURT: Meet a nice fella and get married.

AGGIE: This isn’t 1950 America anymore BURT!

BURT: That’s what I know.

AGGIE: That’s all you know cause you’re a dinosaur. You’re a relic!

BURT: Relic? What’s a relic?

AGGIE: You are the past.

BURT: I don’t know how to keep up with you kids these days. You all speak different languages, wear different clothes. Some days I feel like I stepped into a foreign country, I don’t recognize anything anymore.

AGGIE: That’s because you’ve never left Brooklyn your whole pathetic life.

BURT: My food tastes like ice, hope you’re happy. I ask for one afternoon to relax. Wanna watch the news, wanna eat a hot meal, instead I got you climbin’ walls.

AGGIE: You couldn’t pay me to climb these filthy walls.

BURT: Are you eatin’?


BURT: Why not? You’re two pounds, eat somethin’.

AGGIE: I’m not hungry.

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Rose to Ash by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Rose to Ash, Aggie reaches the final peak of her existence under the neglectful eye of her Uncle Burt, her legal guardian, who doesn’t seem to care about her at all.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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