What Never Was

In drama monologue “What Never Was” Serena expresses her disappointment and frustration to her bandmate Patton for quitting the band.

SERENA: I know we’re not the greatest of bands, Patton! What do you think, I’m blind? You think I’m stupid? I know what’s good, I know what’s out there, and what we’re up against. Yeah, alright, we’re probably not making the best of music right now, to be honest. We all know that, but we’re putting our time in, we’re starting out, this means something to us! This was, making music, doing gigs, and recording this album made us all feel something. At least, I thought that’s how we felt. Even if we’re just tryna understand what it is that we need to express, we felt alive.

Now you’ve taken that away, maybe not from yourself, but from three other people you used to call bandmates.

For better or worse, each of us gave something to this and what you did tonight killed something more than making a crummy album.  You killed our spirit, and I don’t know if you’d rather have made a sh’t album you could look back on with friends and laugh about…or spend the rest of your life living with the regret for the damage you’ve caused us and what never was.  You’re wrong Patton, you lost faith in us.

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What Never Was by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “What Never Was” lead vocalist Patton doesn’t want to finish recording the band’s album because he believes it’s tired and lousy music they are creating.  This obviously creates a major stir with all the band members, causing a potential permanent break up.  1 Woman, 4 Men.  Drama.

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