Why are you saying sorry to me?

In drama scene from one-act play, “Mr. Dudley”, Anne tries to show her brother that he needs to practice kindness.

DUDLEY: (Quietly.)…Sorry.

ANNE: What did you say, Mr. Dudley?

DUDLEY: (Quietly.)…Sorry.

ANNE: What are you sorry for, Mr. Dudley?

DUDLEY: Nothing.

ANNE: Why are you saying sorry to me?

DUDLEY: I did something.

ANNE: And what did you do?

DUDLEY: I…I took the phone.

ANNE: That’s correct. You took the phone. Dudley, it’s okay to take the phone, but you have to ask first and you have to be nice. You have to be friendly, not rough. You hurt my arm.


ANNE: It’s okay, I accept your sorry, but you have to practice being friendly because you are friendly, Dudley. You’re a good person. You’re kind, considerate and gentle. That makes you friendly, right?

DUDLEY: Uh-huh.

ANNE: That’s right.

Dudley appears withdrawn.

ANNE: Want some ice-cream?

DUDLEY: (Nods his head no.)

ANNE: What about ice-cream soda?

DUDLEY: (Not sure.)

ANNE: Vanilla with cream soda on top…hmm. (Dudley gets interested.) Would you like that? (Inviting taunt.) Come onnnn.

DUDLEY: (Dudley laughs).

ANNE: I’ll make it for you right now.

DUDLEY: Two scoops!

ANNE (Warning.): Dudley.

DUDLEY (More controlled but still excited.): Two scoops, two scoops.

Anne goes into the kitchen. Dudley goes back to standing in front of the

ANNE: Dudley?


ANNE: If you want two scoops, you have to clear up the cheese doodles from the floor.


ANNE: Yes, you must! Put the doodles in the bin carefully and by the time you are done, I will have made your ice-cream soda.


ANNE: Okay, no ice-cream soda for Mr. Dudley.


ANNE: Clean up your mess and you will have your treat. That’s the deal. Here, take this.

Anne holds up a small trashcan. Dudley reluctantly takes it from her and leaves the room.

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