30 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

Here are a few 30 Second Commercial Scripts for actors to practice.  Some commercial copy is serious in tone and others completely comedic.

30 Second Commercial Copy Scripts

  • COMMERCIAL COPY – Serious Toned

Headaches.  We all get them. We all wish they would go away.  There is a solution.  Excedrin. I just take two and there’s no more tension, no more throbbing, no more pain.  My headache completely gone.

It’s a mindset.  A focus.  A deep seated spirit.  It’s an inner strength to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, no matter what presses against you. It’s confidence.  It’s belief. It’s a way of life.  It’s Nike.

Whoever said that a smell can bring back a flood of memories, was certainly right.  Whenever I use Pine Sol in my home, I’m brought back to visiting my Grandmother as a little girl.  She always kept her house smelling fresh.  I have Pine Sol to thank for that.

  • COMMERCIAL COPY – Comedic Toned

Whenever I feel like a sweaty slob, there is one assurance that gives me peace of mind.  Deodorant.  Just one wipe under each arm pit and I am good to go for days. Heck, I don’t even need to shower for one whole week.  That’s how good this shizz is.

Corn Buster
Ladies, can’t get those corns into that new pair of shoes?  Introducing corn buster. You apply the cream over the bunion and within minutes the deep penetrating solution forms a crust.  With one simple wipe, you will be able to get your foot into those high heels, giiiirl.

One Wipes
Ever sit on a toilet and have the never ending wipe?  Well, those days are over. I’ve invented one wipes.  A new form of toilet paper that contains a solution where with just one wipe, you are fresh and clean. Done deal.


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