7 Best Dramatic Plays for High School Students

Where can you find a play to work on for students in High School?  MB shares 7 of the best drama plays for High Schoolers based on teacher/student feedback.

The short plays listed here have a running time of 5-10 minutes and are composed of mostly 2 person characters.

7 Best Dramatic Plays for High School Students

PIT OF MY STOMACH – Nina lives a nomad styled life with the father she calls Charlie, happens to be a small time crook.

SOMETHING ELSE TAKES OVER – Taliya has a severe case of anger issues.  She opens up to her aunt and tries to come to terms with how she can control her strong emotions better.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita admits to her friend that she finds it difficult to be her truest self with people.

ONE THING – Brianna refuses to allow any guy to ever take advantage of her.

AGREE TO DISAGREE – Harpa notices that her friend seems to agree and go along with everything she says and does.  Harpa wants her friend to also be more individualized in their friendship.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie has spent most of her life feeling like she is off-track and her constant search for her own true self hasn’t gotten any easier.

YOU’RE A POTATO HEAD – Ronda wants to spend more time out of the house with her closest cousin, who only wants to be indoors all of the time.

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