Alternative Ending

In Alternative Ending, Ethan explains to his brother that what they do must be unemotional, without second guessing their family business.

ETHAN:  Each year you get depressed, your guilt for making loads of money comes back to haunt you, until the start of the new year, after you’ve had some time off, you begin to get that insurmountable itch. You know the one. It scratches at you until you can’t stand it any longer…you venture out and won’t stop feeding yourself even after you’ve grown full, until it aches all over, your heart, your mind, your morals, ah, but here you are, reaching your lowest low before your next highest high…a vicious cycle brother, but one that has made us the carriers of this burden. That’s alright, we will finish, like our father’s finished before us and our children after us and that will be that. That is who we are and that is our truth. Don’t you bring Blake into this as part of your yearly digestion process. I warn you. He will destroy us both if you let him. I choose to think of our brother when I’m perched up in my chair, overlooking the lake from my home, in the quiet of my own good thoughts…not now, not like this, with you over some dated melancholy you wish to throw on me when we MUST GO OVER THE NUMBERS! (beat) I’m asking you nicely now, sit. Have a drink and think quietly. Let us finish our work, if it means burning in hell, then so be it.

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Alternate Ending by Joseph ArnoneIn the eplay Alternative Ending, Ethan’s brother Alan is having misgivings about the moral aspect of how they do business.  2 Men.  Drama.

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