Are we going crazy or what?

Short drama scene from the one-act play, “They Say We’re Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls” about losing our friends and ourselves.

JOE: What was that Frank?

FRANK: I have no idea what that was.

JOE: Who’s Carmela?

FRANK: There is no Carmela.

JOE: Are we going crazy or what?

FRANK: Vinny’s never been married.

JOE: Did he know a Carmela?

FRANK: Not that I…I’m worried now.

JOE: Maybe it’s the heat.

FRANK: Should we check on him?

JOE: Let him get some fresh air. We’re in a wave of heat.

FRANK: That’s what they’re saying?

JOE: You don’t feel it?

FRANK: Right.

JOE: They say we’re boiling our brains inside our skulls.

FRANK: Eh. Who knows? I’m not dying or anything.

JOE: No.

FRANK: You’re not dying.

JOE: Nah.

FRANK: It’s the heat.

JOE: We’ve always had heat.

FRANK: Always.

JOE: What should we do about Vinny?

FRANK: Vinny?

JOE: Yeah.

FRANK: What about him?

JOE: You just said you were worried about him.

FRANK: I am.

JOE: What should we do about it?

FRANK: What can we do?

JOE: Nothing?

FRANK: Did he say he was sleepwalking?

JOE: He didn’t say.

FRANK: Right.

JOE: I’m starting up again.


JOE: Headache.

FRANK: Really?

JOE: Think I’m gonna come back when it’s cooler outside.

FRANK: It is a hot one.

JOE: I’m gonna…

Joe stands up and walk off.

FRANK (to himself): I’ll just remain here, in the heat. I don’t mind the heat. Heat is good, it provides warmth and health, doesn’t it? My brain isn’t cooking, I can tell you that. I relish the heat. I much rather the heat than the cold. I could melt and be happy. Put me out in the cold, without proper garments, I’ll die. Can’t take it…won’t do it. (beat) Tommy, Fritz and Philly…Philly, the best man to Vinny’s wedding. What a time…good times we had…the best times…you wouldn’t understand them times if we showed ’em to you, couldn’t hold a light to ’em. Hey, tell me, isn’t it your turn now? Where have all the good times gone?

They Say We're Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “They Say We’re Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls” Joe and Frank try to figure out why all their best friends are sleepwalking and dying.  When they talk with another good friend named Vinny, things get even worse.  Drama. 3 Men.

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