Aren’t you tired of being insane?

In short drama scene from one-act eplay, “House on the Left”, Sharon informs her husband Bruce that she is going on holiday without him.

SHARON: Aren’t you tired of being insane?

BRUCE: Suits me just fine.

SHARON: I’m going away.

BRUCE: What?!

SHARON: Tabitha is taking me on holiday.

BRUCE: Tabitha? What in God’s name?

SHARON: Tabby and Sean won forty-five thousand dollars in Vegas on the slots and she’s taking me on holiday with her share.

BRUCE: No she ain’t.

SHARON: The trip has been booked and I’m going.

BRUCE: (Shocked.) Does Sean know about this?

SHARON: Sean suggested it.


SHARON: It was Sean’s idea.

BRUCE: Why would Sean suggest you two lunatics leave the island?

SHARON: There’s a lot you don’t know.

BRUCE: Such as?

SHARON: Such as I’m on the verge of divorcing you. I’ve been crying to Tabitha for months on end. I’m leaving to save our marriage.

BRUCE: You’re fck’n with me?

SHARON: Tickets are booked for June twelfth and I won’t be coming back for a whole month.

Bruce stands up and circles the center of the living room.

BRUCE: You best be lyin’.

Sharon stands up, facing Bruce.

SHARON: I’m not.

Bruce throws his beer into the wall. Bruce walks nose to nose to Sharon. Sharon does not back down.

BRUCE: You aren’t goin’ anywhere.

SHARON: I’m leaving and you can’t stop me.

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House on the Left by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, House on the Left, Sharon tells her husband Bruce that she is leaving for a month long vacation with her friend in order to save their marriage and for Bruce to form a friendship with their son Max.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama/Family Drama.

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