Carried Away

In drama monologue “Carried Away”, Kimberly shares with her boyfriend what it was like when she jumped off a cliff into the sea.

KIMBERLY: How do I explain it? Felt like my soul had left my body. (beat) I remember it being a windy day. As I was walking toward the cliff, I was stopped by a local, who warned me not to go any further for fear that the waves were too strong. I disregarded such a warning and made it close to the cliff’s edge when the wind suddenly intensified…I poked my head over the edge of the cliff and stared down at the sea.

The waves did seem to be in a rough state that day, but there was something about the way they moved that made me wish to be part of it all. I couldn’t control myself, so I stood up and held on to nothing. I stretched out my arms and allowed myself to fall. I felt no fear. I felt no joy. I just felt connected to something larger than life, if only for those few seconds. I did end up hurting my leg though; it bashed against a rock a few moments after entering the water, but…I felt no pain, only the rush that took hold of me. I was soothed by the waves, and managed to regain my strength as I swam back to land.

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Carried Away by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Carried Away” Kimberly and Duff go for a walk along an open field.  Duff begins to question and doubt himself over whether or not he is best suited to continue his relationship with Kimberly.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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