Day In, Day Out

In teen drama monologue from play act, “Day In, Day Out”, Scarlet lets her mother know that she needs her emotional support.

SCARLET: I never feel like I can really ever talk to you. You either flare up or get sad, and then I have to feel guilty for telling you anything in my life. I don’t know, it’s like all you’ve ever done is avoid me, and it hurts. I don’t want to stress you out, because then you stress me out even more. Why can’t I ever speak to you without all the drama? And then you wonder why I always stay silent; it’s ’cause you act like this…you get all intense about everything, and so I seize up. I give up on telling you anything. If I ever do tell you anything, you jump down my throat, and you go right into blaming me, so I never…sometimes, I just need you to be there for me, you know? I just need you to understand. Like cooking, for instance; instead of belittling me about it, it would be nice if you actually took the time to show me how to make something, like maybe the recipes you and Grandma made together. Maybe we could do these things together. I would learn if you showed me. I wish we could be together like that, instead of all these emotions. I have a lot going on too, you know? What the hell..I feel stupid for saying this now. I’ll order the pizza.

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Day In Day Out by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Day In, Day Out” Scarlet finally tries to open up to her mother in an attempt to bring them closer together.  2 Women.  Drama. Family Drama.

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