Foot of the Bed

City. Hotel. 2 women.  Both FABRICA and EMILY face one another trying to avoid an argument.  They are conflicted over their relationship.

Foot of the Bed

Fabrica: If you can just wait a second and hear me out Emily, everything will be okay.

Emily: No, I’m done trying to make things work. You go from me to him, back and forth and I’m sick of it.

Fabrica: This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

Emily: How is it supposed to be?

Fabrica: I thought we came to an agreement.

Emily: Oh that sounds so terrible. Don’t bring your lawyer talk between us!

Fabrica: We spoke about this! I thought you and I had an understanding. He is my husband and the father of my children. This thing between us…I don’t know, anymore…if we can’t—I’m not going back and forth. I’m married to him—

Emily: Oh what the hell is marriage nowadays anyway? What does it even mean to anyone anymore?

Fabrica: It does have meaning!

Emily: Brainwashed lies!! (pause.) …I only want you.

Fabrica: You have me.

Emily: Not in the way I need.

Fabrica: What more can I give you? We are the best of friends. We love one another. I tell you everything.

Emily: And then it comes tumbling down and I’m left alone like a dog waiting for its owner to come and take me for a walk.

Fabrica: I don’t want to be your owner. You are free to see who you like. I won’t like it anymore than you do but I have to respect you and the nature of our relationship.

Emily: I’ve never come first with anyone before and it would be nice to come first for once, that’s all.

Fabrica: But you can’t put that responsibility on me. It’s not that I don’t want to…it’s that I can’t and I won’t. I’m sorry.

Emily: Yeah.

Fabrica: Don’t think for a second that this is easy for me.

Emily: Oh God! We sound like some cliched soap opera! I want life and vigor and passion and realism. I don’t want this bullsh’t talk.

Fabrica: What do you want me to say, Emily? Do you want me to cut my wrists and bleed?! Is that what you need? You all suck me dry!! This is supposed to be my happy time…with you.

Emily: What do you mean, I suck you dry?

Fabrica: You and everyone else in my life. My kids, my husband, my mother, you all make me stress to the bone. I have to accommodate each and every one of your needs.

Emily: Well, I don’t want to be a chore for you, Fabrica. You don’t need to give me anything. Forget it.

Fabrica: I’m emotionally drained.

She lays back on the foot of the bed.

I need to zone out of my existence and forget I’m alive for as long as possible…is it possible?

Emily: What?

Fabrica: To ignore your own existence?

Emily: It’s called meditation.

Fabrica: Right. Well, is there such a thing as beyond meditation?

Emily lays back on the foot of the bed next to Fabrica.

Sometimes, I want to leave my body, get away from myself entirely. I’m stuck. We’re all stuck. Stuck with my past, my thoughts, visions, worries…(sighs)…I want to be someone else. I want to forget Fabrica and slip into another consciousness. Start over, learn new things, have different experiences…I wish so bad.

Emily: I wish I can just think things and make everything exactly how I want it to be, without having to put in the work.

Fabrica smiles.

Fabrica: That would be nice.

Emily: Everything is work. Effort. Hustle. Twenty-four seven.

Fabrica: This is why we should appreciate the time we spend. Don’t you think? We shouldn’t want more than what we are given. Perhaps that’s what happiness is…not wanting more and being content with what’s given.

Emily: Yeah.

Fabrica turns to face Emily.

Fabrica: I’m sorry I can’t give you everything you deserve. I’m so sorry, Emily. I feel like it’s all my fault and it is…I should never have approached you.

Emily: No. It’s not you, it’s me…I have my own life to sort out and I shouldn’t force you to clean my dirty laundry. It’s my problem.

Fabrica: If we can’t accept what this is in and of itself, I’m afraid…I don’t think we should continue. Do you?

Emily: I think you’re right.

Fabrica: Do you?

Emily: Yeah, I do.

They kiss.


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