I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.

In drama scene from, “Circles Under Our Eyes” Bordy has no choice but to ask his mother to borrow money, so he can make his rent.

BORDY: So how are things?

MIVVIE: Cut the sh’t. How much you need?

BORDY: Why you gotta be like that? Can’t you answer my question?

MIVVIE: How do you think I’m doing?

BORDY: Alright, alright…God.

Mivvie looks out the window.

MIVVIE: And who’s that in your car? What is that thing?

BORDY: Henrietta.

MIVVIE: New girlfriend?

BORDY: Just something.

MIVVIE: And you leave her in the car like that?

BORDY: She’s tired.

MIVVIE: Too tired to meet your mother?

BORDY: She’s a rude b’tch and doesn’t give a damn about meeting you.

MIVVIE: I like her already.

BORDY: Yeah, well, you asked.

MIVVIE: How much?

BORDY: (sighs) I need two grand, Ma.

MIVVIE: You’re gonna be the death of me.

BORDY: It’s just for now to help cover some bills…I don’t wanna fall behind but it’s just a loan, I can pay you back. I’ll make monthly payments, so it’s not like you’re giving it to me this time, just a loan so, I’ll borrow the money and pay back like a hundred or two each month.

MIVVIE: Where am I getting two grand?

BORDY: If you don’t have it, it’s fine, but you’re the only person I can ask.

MIVVIE: What’s going on with your paintings?

BORDY: It’s going.

MIVVIE: I haven’t heard anything. Nothing new in that department?

BORDY: Ma, I’m killing myself. You know how this industry is.

MIVVIE: No, I don’t know. Someone as talented as you, I don’t know. You need to get out there more, you need to do things, meet people, network…they say it’s who you know…well, who do you know?

BORDY: I can’t be bothered with that sh’t.

MIVVIE: Why not? If it’s gonna help you have a career, then why not?

BORDY: I can’t deal with the phoniness of it all.

MIVVIE: You can’t live life in a box, Bordy. You need to get your a** out there.

BORDY: I do! I do everything that I’m supposed to do. People don’t like my art. Nobody cares.

MIVVIE: Make them care.

BORDY: You can’t make people care…they either like my work or they don’t. I don’t have the power to make anyone give a damn.

MIVVIE: Let me see what I can do. I need a couple days.

BORDY: Only if it’s not putting you out.

MIVVIE: Oh stop the sh’t. All of a sudden you become a great actor. Don’t bullsh’t me.

BORDY: I’m telling you the truth.

MIVVIE: Your a**.

BORDY: Whatever, Ma.

MIVVIE: You wanna bullsh’t other people, then bullsh’t other people. I’m your mother. Don’t think I don’t know.

BORDY: Don’t know what?

Mivvie suddenly gets choked up with emotion.

Ma, please…I didn’t want to come here to make you upset.

MIVVIE: You couldn’t even shave for me, do your hair, look halfway decent. I want to see my handsome son. What is this look you bring?

BORDY: I’ve been stressed out.

MIVVIE: I’m stressed out too. Between you and your moron of a father, I don’t know where to go. I’m gonna disappear. Far away on an island somewhere away from all of you.

BORDY: Come on Ma, stop.

MIVVIE: Watch. Watch! I’m gonna vanish and then we’ll see.

BORDY: See what?

MIVVIE: See you get your sh’t together! I want to see you good. I want you to make it already.

Bordy puts his head down.

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