If All That We Say

In drama monologue, “If All That We Say” Orson opens up to Audra by sharing details from his life and admitting how he truly feels about her.

ORSON:  I have a daughter. She’s four years old. Lives with her grandmother ’cause I was told I drank too much. I was never officially married, but Karen, the mother of my daughter, died from lung cancer. It’s been a strange last couple of years. I get up. Work. Feel nothing. See nothing. Hear nothing. I kept waiting for something to happen, and it actually did. I came here one evening on a whim, was low on gas, and got lost trying to find a gas station. I live about forty-five minutes away, so, no, I’m definitely not a local.

First time I felt something since Karen died was when I asked you for a beer. It was like my brain turned back on, like everything I was feeling shifted to another place inside of me.

My daughter, Ella, I get to see her once a month. She’s, she’s everything, and I don’t think she thinks I’m a good father. She’s all Karen, the way she smiles, the way she talks. She has that certain confidence about her, like she already knows everything. It’s incredible and painful all at the same time. I come here; it helps…you help.

Wish I had the means to go with you on your grand adventure, if you’d permit me of course, but that’s all crazy thinking… I’ve been sitting here for over a year, sitting on my feelings since the first day you looked at me.

I’m no good, not for you. I know that deep down. I guess ’cause you’re leaving, I’m saying what I’ve always wanted to say. (puts cash on bar counter)

I hope you find everything you’re looking for, Audra. It’s a beautiful world, I’m sure it is.

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If All That We Say by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “If All That We Say” Orson visits his favorite bar to learn that Audra (bar owner) is leaving unexpectedly and when he finds out he expresses everything he’s been truly feeling about her.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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