I’m going to tell him the truth.

3 person drama scene from the one-act eplay, “Skylar” wherein Skylar reacts emotionally and physically over not finding his mother.

JEROME (to LENORA): His head is bleeding. Get me a wet cloth, please.

LENORA goes to the sink and wets a rag. She applies the rag to the back of SKYLAR’s head. JEROME watches Lenora affectionately.

JEROME:  (to SKYLAR) Hey buddy, you’ve only knocked your head. You’re gonna be fine. That’s it. Just relax, Sky.

SKYLAR: I feel safe.

JEROME: You are safe.

SKYLAR faints.

JEROME (to LENORA): He’s okay.

LENORA: How do you know?

JEROME: He’s got some form of epilepsy…he hasn’t been properly diagnosed, but we think that’s what it is.

LENORA: Why not go to a doctor?

JEROME: No, no doctor. We don’t like doctors.

LENORA: Why not? They save lives.

JEROME: It’s a thing, we have a thing…long story.

LENORA: I have a family doctor.

JEROME: You do?

LENORA: I could send for him.

JEROME: Lenora, I appreciate it, but we can’t. He’s gonna be fine.

SKYLAR: Bed. Get me to bed.

JEROME: Help me take him to the bed, please.

SKYLAR surprisingly gets up on his own but not without the guidance of JEROME and LENORA.

SKYLAR: I can do it…just guide me…just guide me…

SKYLAR sits at the end of the bed. LENORA takes off his boots and begins massaging his ankles.

SKYLAR:  (to JEROME) What is she doing man?

LENORA: Circulating your blood.

SKYLAR (to JEROME): Tell her to stop.

JEROME: She means well. Lenora…(shakes his head)

LENORA stands up.

He’s okay.

SKYLAR: Lenora…Lenora, you gonna treat my boy right? He’s a good dude, this dude right here. He’s helping me find my mom. She’s out there! Somewhere! Alive. That’s good enough for me.

SKYLAR lays down and sleeps.

LENORA (to JEROME): Is he breathing?

JEROME: Hey, hey relax. Of course he’s breathing. It’s his nature.

LENORA: Where’s his mother?

JEROME: She’s…we’re trying to locate her.

LENORA: Where she gone?

JEROME: She abandoned Skylar when he was a child. He’s been trying to find her ever since. (whispering) But Sky, Sky doesn’t know the truth.

LENORA: What truth?

JEROME: About his mother. (pause) She’s gone.


JEROME: She passed away.

LENORA: You lie to him?

JEROME: …Yes, but when the time is right, I’m going to tell him the truth. Just not yet, ’cause I don’t think he can handle finding out…just, I’m only protecting him right now, but I’ve known for quite some time…I don’t want to see him lose it. He’s pretty fragile as it is, he, SOON..I wish to tell him soon.

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Skylar by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Skylar” Skylar has been searching to locate his mother to no avail.  While his friend Jerome has been helping him, Jerome has also found a woman named Lenora that he could be falling in love with.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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