Top 15 Cinematic Scenes for Actors

Originally crafted cinematic scenes for actors looking for free demo reel scripts.  Both comedy/drama screenplays running from 5, 7, 10 minutes long.

Top 15 Cinematic Scenes for Actors


BASKET CASE – a funny scene for two women, a mother/daughter.

PIGEON PEOPLE – Samuel relates a story to his best buddy about how he sees all human beings taking on the form of pigeons.

SNIFF – a comedic scenes where Ben wonders and questions why Harry continually sniffs his fingers.

COMMON PRACTICE – Marlo coaches Jane on how she has deliberately trained her husband to keep in line with her wants and needs.

UPON MY RETURN – This is a short comedy sketch based on old nobility in England, that raises the question, What if there was a Burger King?

WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE TO ME? – Dora is upset over being ignored by her neighbor only to find out the humiliating reason as to why.

LAST WEDNESDAY – Marvin and Linda are the most bored people at work.


RED TUXEDO – An upscale party in upscale society.  Mr. Berguer is hosting the event and has asked Mr. Sanders to what his final decision will be with regards to a pressing business deal.

CHUTZPAH – a teenager finds an awkward connection with her local homeless woman.

VOUCH – Hector is on the verge of being fired at his plumbing job, not because he is lazy but because he just can’t seem to keep up.  In this drama scene he does all that he can in order to stay on the job.

BOULEVARD – a mother does not see or understand her daughter’s passion for writing.

WALTER’S STUDY – This is a scene between an unloving father and a son who needs emotional support.

FOOT OF THE BED – two lovers are conflicted over being together despite marriage.

PARADE IN ME CHEST – more of a character oriented script where it takes place in the 20th century New York between thugs.

POLICY – a young man and woman are trying to save for a life together by prostitution and robbery.


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