Mailbox Marvin

In Mailbox Marvin, Marvin discusses how he feels about society, his father and his life to Doctor Mary Paulson.

Mailbox Marvin:  Maybe it’s the world and all the crap I smell…there really is so much of it, bundles of it, oodles of it, wherever you point your filthy nose…walk around the city, all the coke sniffers fled, all having fun in their pools working remotely…it’s a joke, right?

Living off the system. Getting passports made to finally go on that trip to Paris. Buying a new set of clothes and feeling like you’re actually wealthy for the first time in your lousy stinking life. Is that it? Clearly, that’s what it must be. Too many of them have come out here. The lines have grown longer at the post-office. Can’t even back out of my driveway without hitting the breaks multiple times for worry that a car is coming. F’n lawnmowers are working non-stop and the sudden increase in construction because Timmy and Rene have the funds to fix the roof and sh’t all over themselves. Huge landslides of self-importance earned from nothing more than lies and trickery. Conning themselves into thinking they are deserving, they are worthy, they suffered long enough…you know…it’s time they get theirs for once, right? Yeah, we’re all living in this great big fantasy of stupidity and I have to spend more time in my garden. It’s important to pull out all the unnecessary weeds.

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Mailbox Marvin MiniIn this one-act eplay, Mailbox Marvin recounts some of his wild tales to his Doctor before having agreed to his death contract. 1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama Sci-Fi. 

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