10 Script Scenes: Filmmaking by Shooting Scenes

10 Script Scenes: Filmmaking by Shooting Scenes offers filmmakers the opportunity to use our stage scenes for storytelling practice.

Monologue Blogger provides scripts for filmmakers to use for free to shoot non-commercial projects and practice their craft.  What we hope will also be helpful is our archive of scenes from plays that filmmakers may also use to work their craft.

Below are 10 scenes from short play scripts for you to consider using.

10 Script Scenes: Filmmaking by Shooting Scenes

Communication doesn’t always take place through words.” from WALTER’S STUDY
Franklin has always felt neglected and unloved by his father Walter and he finally works up enough courage to ask his father why.

Won’t he blame me for all of this?”  from RED ROOM
An investment firm executive wants to promote a talented worker but challenges them to fire someone first before doing so.

I’ll put the money up myself if I have to.” from THE PACKAGED DEAL
Salvatore and Fred have been trying to raise the financing on a picture they’ve been trying to make for years.  When they receive a phone call that one of their producers is pulling out of the deal, they aren’t too happy.

Don’t you over thousands in tickets?” from NATURAL HABITAT
After Cherry put the time in to see if Pedro would be a good influence on her young son, she’s decided that he won’t ever rise to the occasion.

You expecting me to make a confession?” from CRACKS IN STONE
Bethany begins taking a stand against her husband’s concerning accusations regarding their daughter.

10 Scripted Scenes for Filmmaking Practice

That ship has sailed, don’t you think?” from NO RETURNS
Shanice and Justine have reached a point in their relationship as to whether or not they should continue being together.

He never made me feel bad about myself.” from NO HARM NO FOUL
Dean and Cuddy mourn the loss of their best friend but are upset over the fact that no one else has come to pay their respects.

I’ve been so unbearably disappointed in you for years.” from LAST LINE OF DEFENSE
Mr. Rogers is in need of Mrs. Helmsley’s help to convince her husband to to make allowance on a building permit needed for construction.

Been meaning to fire him for months now.” from UNDER THE IMPRESSION
Roland is a struggling writer who believes his break to publish his novel has finally arrived, but when he meets with a publishing agent, he receives a reality check.

I was hoping to drown myself in my pool today.” from BUCK’S LAST STRAW
Bucks goes over his friend Rick’s place in order to crash there for a few days after a disturbing argument with his wife.

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