Right Between The Eyes

In Right Between The Eyes, Gio gets a visitation from his cousin Luca after hiding out in a country house for a crime he committed.  

GIO: I’m glad, cause, you know, I been thinking about the family, everybody I love…haven’t seen anyone’s face in so long, almost forgot some of the faces if it weren’t for the pictures I took with me…smart, right…how I took them pictures…haha, that night, I stuffed as many as I could from your mother’s photo albums, all in my bag before hightailing outta there…last thing I did, thank God. You know, there ain’t no TV? This set up here, there ain’t nothin’ but goin’ on long walks, staring out at that stream not far from here…tried that cow tippin’ sh’t but I hurt my shoulder when I tried..haha, maybe it’s a myth or I’m too weak, you know…minga you look so good, healthy like, right? Like, you’re younger, while I’m aging like a dog ova here, drinking so much my brain leaks out my ears, Luca.

(they laugh together)

Am I really seeing you, bro? You’re really here, right? (laughs) Sh’t. Good. That’s good. You know, I’d like to say some things to ya before I go home.

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Right Between The Eyes by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Right Between The Eyes, Gio gets paid a visit from his cousin Luca and gets told that he needs to disappear because men are coming to kill him.  2 Men.  Drama/Crime.

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