Top 7 Plays for Female Actors

Here are 7 plays for female actors (short digital plays) which also contain character monologues inside each short play.

The seven shared here are dramatic and cover topics on disillusionment, mental health, infidelity, control, happiness, love, confusion and hopelessness.  Running time is 5-7-10 minutes duration.

Top 7 Plays for Female Actors

COFFEE TABLE – Melanie sits in her room in the psycho ward facility and talking to people who may or not be present.  Is it all in her mind?

UNDERWHELM – Wilma is deeply down about her life and the mundane work she does each and every day.  Her co-worker decides to introduce her to a secret and magical world in the underground of New York’s Chinatown.

PAY ATTENTION – Linda discovers that her man has been having an affair.  Her cab driver gives her consolation.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie has been sitting on her talent for far too long.  She has reached the peak of making a final decision about whether or not to continue with her passion or turn her back on it forever.

I CAN’T WIN – A one-act play between two parents who are deciphering on how to go about handling the fact that their daughter is dating someone they do not approve of.

SMILE PRETTY, ALICE – Anita sticks her nose into other people’s business and in this short play she confronts her neighbor about cheating on her husband.

BEAUTIFUL DAY – Linda talks to a stranger and surprisingly opens up about how she truly feels about herself.

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