Some place where I don’t need to be myself.

In serio-comedy scene, “Underwhelm”, Wilma talks to her co-worker Boosh about how empty she feels her life has become.

BOOSH: Do you want my french fries?

Boosh offers his fries to Wilma, who rejects them with a wave of her hand.

WILMA: Nothing exciting…those same old white walls. Nothing boring, just nothing.

BOOSH: I’ve been thinking…why don’t we go to Devil’s Kettle Falls and dive in all that mystery?

WILMA: Did that already.

BOOSH: Too bad.

WILMA: I think I’ve done it all; that’s the problem. Or at least I’ve felt like I’ve done it.

BOOSH: Maybe it’s just a phase, Wilma? Something that won’t last for too long, if you don’t focus on it much, all these bad feelings might fade away.

WILMA: I wish you were right, but it’s much bigger than that, Boosh. It’s like I am powered by emptiness. I’ll tell you what it is, Boosh…I’m living a lie. Each step I take is a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie.

As pounding as a Beethoven symphony – who I was, was who I was supposed to be, you see.

It’s like I switched spirits with someone else in a parallel universe and all that is left of me is this empty shell I keep telling you about, that I’m supposed to somehow fill up and generate anew. A new being of self-importance, meaning, purpose, something that matters.

And yet, I know the truth, I know I do not matter, none of this matters, you see? I tricked myself, thinking it would all just fix itself one day, and it was an awful trick.

From where does one find the strength, Boosh?

Boosh gets up to grab himself a soda from the vending machine.

BOOSH: You need a holiday.

WILMA: A holiday?

BOOSH: To get away.

WILMA: I do need to get away.

BOOSH: Where would you go?

WILMA: Somewhere where I don’t have to be myself. That’s a vacation I’d like, one where I can travel as far away from myself as possible and not give a damn about anything ever again. Just be an entity that does not think and only feels good things, like the brightness of the moon or the warmth of the sun.

BOOSH: How about Australia?

WILMA: Been there.

BOOSH: Do you like chocolate?

WILMA: I love chocolate, actually.

BOOSH: There you go. I can…(quite seriously) I can take you downtown to a place that can provide for you chocolate dreams.

WILMA: Are we going out of our freaking minds?

BOOSH: No, listen Wilma, this place I’m talking about is special. Do you want to know about it?

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Underwhelm by Joseph Arnone

WILMA is deeply depressed.  While taking her scheduled lunch, she talks with co-worker BOOSH who invites her to visit a secret and magical place in New York’s Chinatown.  One-act play. 

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