15 Powerful New Plays for Young Actors

The 15 Powerful New Plays for Young Actors plays a significant role for young audiences that wish to experience relevant issues for today’s modern theatre.

15 Powerful New Plays for Young Actors

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LUELLA BEANS? – this play explores the painful discovery that life and family as you know it is completely different than you ever could have imagined.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita tries to express how she feels trapped inside her own skin and doesn’t know how to reach out for a lifeline to pull her out of her own darkness.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi suffers from deep depression and talks to the only person she can trust, her Aunt.

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal doesn’t wish to be dating someone who doesn’t feel the same as she does.

RESET BUTTON – Lana was kind enough to allow her friend to live with her temporarily but things have come to a head.

THE PIT OF MY STOMACH – Nina lives somewhat of a nomad styled life with her criminal father and she finally puts her foot down in order to carve out a “normal” life.

STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM – Sally is fed up with the consistent negative view of everything and anything good from her friend and she calls her out on it.

NO COMPARISON – this play explores the issue of identity and inner conflict.

15 Powerful New Plays for Young Artists

AGREE TO DISAGREE – this short play examines the truth of friendship in order to deepen friendship in an honest way.

DEAD WEIGHT – sometimes we get a dose of truth from the most unlikeliest places and in this play Cris finds out who truly cares about him.

APRIL AND JAN – April has been acting strange around her friends and Jan tries getting to the bottom of the truth.

ONE THING – Brianna is a young woman who has a strong sense of self and won’t allow anyone to ever take that away from her.

TREAT ME NICE – a touching play about the complex relationship between a dying mother and the daughter who takes care of her.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse comes from a broken home and his girlfriend is his happiness, if only he can stop screwing up their relationship.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie struggles with finding her true calling in life.

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