The 3rd Avenue Spot

In the 2 person script The 3rd Avenue Spot, Lem changes his mind on doing a street deal and tells Drake that it won’t go down with him.

The 3rd Avenue Spot

Basement apartment that looks more like a storage room. There’s a knock on the door.

(door knock)

(door swings open)

Lem: Drake.

Drake: What you doing here?


(Drake gestures for Lem to come inside and shuts door)

Lem: Drake, um, I know you uh, you told me that if I had second thoughts about doing this that I, uh, I could change my mind and stuff and I wanted to…to change my mind cause, cause I don’t feel good about it.

Drake: Good about what?

Lem: No, I, I don’t feel good about it.

Drake: So, what you saying?

Lem: I’m saying that I’d like to change my mind about it.

Drake: About what?

Lem: All of it.


Drake: You want out?

Lem: Yes.

Drake: You’re supposed to make the drop in (looks at his watch) one hour. You tell me this now?

Lem: We still have time.

Drake: Time? We’re all out of time. I’m depending on you. How am I gonna find somebody else with one hour left on the clock?

Lem: I didn’t—

Drake: Shut up! Don’t speak. You are going to make this drop off. If you don’t, I will crush you.

Lem: You said I didn’t have to do it.

Drake: It’s too late for that. You have to.

Lem: No.

Drake: You buggin?

Lem: (drops backpack on the floor) I won’t do it.

Drake: You’re getting yourself into a big problem. Bigger than you can ever imagine.

Lem: I don’t care.

Drake: You don’t care? I’ve given you an opportunity! And you don’t care? If you don’t do this things are gonna be bad for you because they’re gonna be bad for me and if I go down, you go down harder. This drop off is gonna change things. You told me, you said it, you said that you wanted to take care of your moms and brother. Didn’t you say that?

Lem: Yeah—

Drake: You said you wanted your mom to stop working so hard and that you wanted more food in your fridge and you want a better life. Didn’t you say all that to me?

Lem: Yeah, but—

Drake: But what? This is your chance. This is your opportunity to change things. It’s one drop off, one time, one action and your life will change.

Lem: Why can’t you do it?

Drake: They know my face, Lemonhead. I told you!  They see me, they won’t do business. This is my chance, too. This is my way out too, man.

Lem: I got a bad feeling.

Drake: No! Don’t say that. There ain’t no bad feeling here. It’s all in your mind.  Stop with all that negative voodoo thinking. That sh’t is for the birds. You need to be fire. You need to blaze. You walk to the spot and make the exchange. Takes ten seconds. Ten seconds for a new life. We’ve gone over this.

Lem: I, I—-

Drake: I’ll go with you. I’ll hide out in the shadows. If something goes wrong, I’ll be right there. What if we did that?

Lem: Yeah?

Drake: Yeah man, come on. We’ll go together and I’ll keep lookout in the distance and afterwards we will meet back up at the third avenue spot. But I’ll keep an eye on you but you can’t make note of me. Don’t look in my direction.  Don’t even think about me until the job is done.

Lem: …I don’t think I can.

(Drake pushes Lem)

Drake: I should kill you! Damn it! This is my life! I ain’t going back to jail. This is my hustle. You stupid man. I knew I was crazy, trusting your stupid, scrawny little ass man, I knew it! Look at you. I thought you had it man, I thought you had it. (beat) Get the hell out of here man! Go! Go!

Lem: I’ll do it. I’ll do it! Alright?! That’s what you need! I’ll do it!


Drake: Look…let’s just calm down. We need to settle down. (beat) Alright, I’m going to ask you a question and your answer is going to determine the rest of our lives. (beat) I want a simple yes or a simple no. Nothing more. (beat) Are you going to make the drop off?


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