The Hire

Short dramatic scene The Hire, Sam brings Relly into his office to discuss a serious situation with her that he desperately needs help with.  1 Woman, 1 Man.

The Hire

Sam:  Alright, alright, this is bad.  Let me just start off by saying that right off the bat. This is ugly.  You are going to like me a hell of a lot less after I share this information with you but you can’t, you just cannot say one word about this to anyone…do I have your promise?

Relly: You have my word.  What is this about?

Sam:  Okay…Few months back I hired this woman to be my social media strategist, one of them, anyway.  At first, yeah, I thought she was pretty but I’m married, love my wife and we’re working on starting a family.  Fast forward the clock a few weeks in and I have this new hire wrapped around my waist while we are doing the Congo.  Okay?

Relly: Oh, no…

Sam: Fast forward even further, to about last week…she’s pregnant.  Actually, pregnant.  And…she doesn’t want to—Now, before you say anything about pro-life and all that, I’m with you, okay?  I just, I’m way past having this baby because it will ruin my entire life as I currently have things and I’ve worked too damn hard to get where I am today…

Relly: Just take it easy Sammy, we have to think this through logically.

Sam: Logically?  There is no logic Ruth.  There’s just the cold hearted facts that this crazy bitch set me up.  She planned this!  …This hire, notice I can’t even say her name…she is using the baby against me, as a power over me, threatening me and demanding things of me in the most rotten, despicable way imaginable.  She plans on telling my wife.  If I don’t give myself over to her demands, material things…

Relly:  Like what?  What does she want?

Sam: She wants me to buy her a house, in Long Island and a car and basically she wants me to build an entire world for her that she can’t build on her own.  She said that if I sign a document, this document…(hands the document) it’s an actual legal document stating all the things I have to do…

Relly: So if you sign this, she will go through with it?

Sam: (he nods yes) It gets worse…much worse, what I—I’ve…(whispering) I’ve hired a man.

Relly: Sam, what the hell are you talking about?

Sam: …To kill her.

Relly: Why are you telling me this?

Sam: I have no friends, I have no one!  You are the only person, the closest person to me that I can trust enough to say this too.

Relly: This is insane.  You actually hired someone to kill this girl?  Are you losing your mind, Sam?

Sam:  He’s scheduled to do it tomorrow morning.  I’ve changed my mind about it. The whole thing.  Already paid him off.  I just want to call this dog off and I can’t reach him. There’s no way for me to reach him cause he’s incognito.  Once the deal is made, there’s no going back…I don’t know what to do…

Relly: You have to tell her.

Sam:  Who?!  My wife?!

Relly: No, well, maybe but first, you need to tell the hire.  What is her name for God sake?

Sam: Amanda.

Relly:  You need to tell Amanda that she’s in danger if you can’t reach this man you hired.  (pause.) Sam?  (beat) Sam, do you hear me?  You need to contact Amanda and tell her she’s in danger or you will be responsible for murder.  Do you understand me?

Sam: I can’t do it.

(Relly gets up to leave)

Relly: Well then I can’t help you with this.

Sam: Wait!

Relly: I can’t believe you told me this and now I’m involved!  If you don’t call this girl right now in front of me than I will call the police and turn you in myself!

(they stare at one another)

Sam: You promised me…

Relly: I didn’t expect this.  We’re talking about human life…you need to stop this man, tell her and you should come clean with your wife.  I’m sorry but you need to take responsibility for everything you did.  It’s the only way, Sam.  Please.  Please tell me you will make this right, for your sake and your family.  It’s everything.


Sam:  Okay, you’re right, you’re right.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Thank God for you because this is what I needed.  I needed someone to smack me back into my senses.  Okay, okay.  I’ll do it now.  I need a shot of brandy first.  Can you grab me the bottle right there, please.  Grab yourself a glass too if you like.

(Relly turns her back to Sam and he jumps her from behind putting her in a head lock and choking her until she dies.)


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