The Map of Your Future

In The Map of Your Future, Tracy takes a firm stand with her son about his work ethic for fear that he won’t understand the value of a dollar.

TRACY: WORK! Keep a job for longer than three days. I told you, I am not dishing out any more money, so you can take your girlfriend out for a good time, or go and do God knows what with your friends. That’s it!

If you can’t hold down a part-time job, you are sh’t out of luck, kid, cause the money tree has been chopped down.

I have to worry about your sister going to college now and I have my hands full with that.

You said you were gonna help me out by handling some of your own responsibilities. Can’t even do that for me and I don’t ask you for anything. I could be dead and buried tomorrow, what are you gonna do then? Huh?

You have no clue how to take care of yourself. Don’t ever do a dish in the sink, can’t take out the trash, mow the lawn, can’t even run to the butcher to get cold cuts for your own damn school sandwiches.

I do everything for you kids. I work, I clean, I do it all! I have to be two parents and I’m sorry but you are old enough to work, make your own money and start living your life without mommy doing everything for you.

…I’m sorry things aren’t easier for us and it’s just me because you’d have more, but I didn’t plan on your father dying! It wasn’t what we had mapped out for your future. We had an entirely different map, for all of us…so different, so different…

I’m doing the best I can and when I see you acting miserable and trying to guilt me because you’re working a measly six hours, I get fed up, fed up with everything.

I want you to rise to the occasion. I want to see you take pride in what you do. Hold your head up and be proud that you are healthy and can work and make some money for yourself to be independent.

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