The Windowsill

In The Windowsill, Uncle Fritz tries to reason with the painful reality that his brother is gone and how he hopes to care for his nephew.

UNCLE FRITZ: This world is full of people, ain’t it Jim? (beat) I know why you keep starin’ out this here window, I know what you keep hoping to find. I’m sad to say that you won’t ever find it. You may see someone with the resemblance, but that will only leave you bitter. That much I know, son. I don’t understand any of it, either. Don’t know why they were both taken from us…I miss your father terribly. He was a good brother to me. He loved you special. (beat) I can count whatever good I’ve ever done on one hand…there’s just us now, but it’s okay, we can grieve together…we can cry…I’m gonna raise ya up right, Jimmy. You’re gonna do your parents proud. Is that okay with ya?

After a moment, Jimmy sulks.

It’s okay, son.

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The Windowsill by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay The Windowsill, Uncle Fritz tries to figure out how to console his nephew Jimmy, after he’s been staring out the window for weeks but then something magical happens.  1 Man, 1 Boy.  Drama.

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Joseph Arnone