Why you always trying to take away my autonomy?

Drama scene for two from one-act eplay, “Lost Against the Alley” where Buck doesn’t want to go on a job interview wearing a tuxedo.

BUCK: Can’t sleep.

ORLA: Waking me up.

BUCK: Go back to bed.

ORLA: Once I’m up, I’m up. (she notices whiskey glass on table). You on this again?

BUCK: What? (he sees what she sees) Oh.

ORLA: Don’t OH me, Buck. (imitating him) OH! OH!

BUCK: Figured I’d get sleepy from it.

ORLA: Sleepy, huh?

BUCK: Why don’t you go back to bed?

ORLA: I said I can’t!

BUCK: You can, but you won’t. Rather stir me up instead.

ORLA: You’ve no sense of responsibility. Who’s gonna pay for this child we’re havin’? Huh? Who?

BUCK: Who’d you think?

ORLA: Not by writing songs.

BUCK: Why you always trying to take away my autonomy? You get pleasure out a telling me such things, don’t ya? I can’t even have time alone to think!

ORLA: You’ve got the freedom to get your a** up and go on that job interview in a few hours. That’s freedom! Should be sleeping in bed, gettin’ rest, so you can look good and think good.

BUCK: I ain’t had a proper job interview in years.

ORLA: You’re goin’ on this interview, Buck.

BUCK: Never said I wasn’t goin’ on it.

ORLA (more intensely): You are goin’ on this job interview, Buck.

BUCK: I said, I know it.

ORLA: You better know it.

BUCK: I’m just sayin’.

ORLA: I’m not interested in what you’re just sayin’. I’m only interested in what you’re doin’.

BUCK: My suit ain’t even a suit.

ORLA: What’s wrong with the suit?

BUCK: It’s a tuxedo!

ORLA: …It is?

BUCK: Yeah.

ORLA: …So?

BUCK: I can’t be goin’ to no job interview wearing a tuxedo.

ORLA: That’s what my brother had in his closet and that’s what you’re wearing.

BUCK: Will look like a damn fool.

ORLA: Don’t matter.

BUCK: Might as well wear pajamas.

ORLA: Everybody starts somewhere and by wearing a tuxedo, it shows you cared to dress up and make an effort.

BUCK: I’m a clown.

ORLA: You ain’t no clown.

BUCK: I am.

ORLA: Just say you’re goin’ to a wedding after the interview.

BUCK: A wedding?

ORLA: Yeah, yeah, get creative, LIE BUCK, whatever you gotta do you do, just get WORK!


BUCK: They ain’t gonna hire me.

ORLA: How d’you know?

BUCK: Never gone to school.

ORLA: Then why’d they pick you to interview?

BUCK: They have to do that. You know, people have to look like they’re doing their jobs.

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Lost Against the Alley by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Lost Against the Alley” Buck is trying to figure out a way to avoid his job interview because he feels that it’s pointless to even try going. His girlfriend Orla has a different point of view.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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