27 Useful Monologues for Your Next Agency Audition

What are some good monologues for an agency audition?  MB has put together 27 useful monologues based on agent responses and audition feedback.

27 Useful Monologues for Your Next Agency Audition

For Women – drama

  • Attention – Michelle confronts her sister over how often she stirs up drama within their family.
  • Coffee Table – Melanie is in a psycho ward receiving treatment for hearing voices and seeing people that aren’t really there…but are they?
  • Soil, Air, Sky – Janet is in love but feels forced when told her fiancé wants to move away from everything she’s ever dreamed.
  • Spirit Forward – Dasana talks to her boyfriend to raise his spirits up for his passions.
  • Two Shades Away – Melanie is stuck inside an identity crises and in this monologues talks about what she’s been experiencing.
  • Since Childhood – Zoe tells her best friend Ricky that they need to end their friendship because she is secretly in love with him.
  • Smile Pretty, Alice – Anita confronts her neighbor over the fact that she has been observing her cheating on her husband.

For Women – comedy

  • A Series of Insignificant Questions – This is not your normal Monday morning job interview.
  • Phone Calls – Meagan is so done with how men play ego games after first meeting.
  • Running For Burgers – Helena stops a house party to confess that she loves to eat and eat proud.
  • How Was Your Day Darling Face? – Beverly was asked how her day was and this comedic monologue is her ultimate response.
  • Rather Be A Man – Kim talks to her friend about the daily aggravation she seems to receive from men’s one note pick up lines.
  • Crazy Glue – It happened.  Linda accidentally glued her face to her cheek…
  • Just For Laughs – Jane shares a unique telling about the jokes she plays on her son.

For Men – drama

  • Edgar Suddenly Goes Dark – Edgar gets bullied at work and in this monologue there is a switch from being extremely friendly to extremely threatening.
  • Wasted Talent – Donnie has lost one of his closest friends and talks about the unique qualities he had.
  • Dark Place – Jeffrey resides in an insane asylum for sticking a pair of scissors in a theatre director’s neck.
  • Number 2 – a powerhouse real estate mogul goes after his best competitor in this monologue.
  • Not Until You Came Around – Jazz talks to his girlfriend about the first time he started to fall in love with her.
  • Henry and the Wizard – Henry feels that he can’t live up to his wife’s expectations.

For Men – comedy

  • Medium – Derek does everything in his power to convince his girlfriend that he’s not 5 foot 9.
  • Soap and Water – Spence is fed up with how dirty his friend comes across whenever they are going to nice places.
  • Bird In My Ass – Frederick recounts the story of how a bird flew up and into his ass.
  • Must Be The Coffee – Burt bravely admits his own shortcomings as a human being.
  • Side Effects – a Doctor swears that he has the cure to end all cures.
  • Picasso Reincarnated – a man discovers that he has no talent whatsoever for painting on canvas.
  • An Alien Keeps Stealing My Beer – Noel keeps getting his beer taken away from a little alien he tries to capture.

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