11 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

11 comedic monologue for all ages.  You will find funny material for teens and adults ranging 1-2 minutes in length for auditions, videos or acting class.

11 Comedic Monologues for All Ages

ROSY, PEACHY, APPLE EATING LIFE – Samantha wishes to know the secret of being close with your parents.

AN ALIEN KEEPS STEALING MY BEER – Noel decides to kidnap the alien that keeps snatching his beers from his refrigerator.

NEVER BEEN KISSED – Kerry has never kissed a guy and in the monologue she expresses her feelings about it all.

THE LAST M&M SAMURAI – Dan talks about why he doesn’t ever eat the last m&m in the candy bag.

A SMILE PER DAY KEEPS A WRINKLE AWAY – Cleopatra give poolside advice to a younger woman about avoiding skin wrinkles.

HOW WAS YOUR DAY DARLING FACE? – Beverly can’t bare another day of being all alone far out in the suburbs.

SACK AND CRACK – Bruce gives his closest friend an emergency call because his precious jewels are caught in a trap.

YO – corporate America at its finest.

DID YOU PICK WHICH SHIRT YOU’RE BUYING? – Paul has his patience maxed out while waiting for his girl to make a clothing purchase at the store.

ACTRESS PHOTOSHOOT SESSION – Catrina is a top level photographer who goes through great lengths to get the ‘shot’ she needs for her clients.

GROWING A FULL MUSTACHE – Tim wants to be all grown and he figures the best thing he can do is grow his own mustache.

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