12 Original Short Plays

Here are 12 original short plays from our growing collective of one act pieces that actors may use absolutely free for auditions and classroom study.

12 Original Short Plays

ACTING DIFFERENT – Cassandra confides in her boyfriend about why he always seems to put on a different face whenever they hang out with their friends versus how differently his personality is when they are together alone.

POTATO HEAD – Ronda loves her cousin Sarha’s company and each weekend desperately tries to get her to go out with friends.  The problem is that Sarha never wants to go.

PHONE CALLS – Meagan talks to her best friend Natalie about this guy Frank she just met.  The only problem is that he hasn’t called her just yet.

NO COMPARISON – a test of real friendship comes across this pair when their differences may force them to grow apart or grow stronger together.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD – Rita has long the path of allowing herself the ability to open up to people and be vulnerable.  She talks to her friend about how she needs to break through it and feel free again as a person.

THE BEAR – Tiffany is confused about her career path and talks to her teacher for help and guidance.

COFFEE TABLE – Melanie is a psycho ward patient who sees things that aren’t really there…or does she?

BEAUTIFUL DAY – Linda has never been able to get over her looks.  She has a strong tendency to look down upon herself, that is until she meet a stranger in a park.

TWO SHADES AWAY – Melanie has given up on her dream of being a dancer but her friend’s strength turns her back on to it.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi turns to her Aunt when it comes to matters of the heart.

PAY ATTENTION – Linda makes the painful discovery that her man has been cheating on her with her friend but surprisingly, despite her pain, her cab driver sheds light on her situation in a poetic way.

I CAN’T WIN – a set of parents who don’t like the man their daughter is dating.  They have a discussion about the best way to go about it.

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