7 Best Scripts For Immediate Download

Here’s a group of top scripts for immediate download (pdf) for actors, filmmakers or YouTube creators that are free to use for your own creative endeavors.  They are short scripts between 5-7 minutes for both comedy and drama.

7 Best Scripts For Immediate Download

  1. Hurry Up, Playa – one brother tries to help the other brother find his playa mode.
  2. Dy Patch – an intense argument between two lovers that somehow ends on a positive note.
  3. Harold’s Ear – Uncle Harold has been jamming cotton balls in his ears to avoid the torment from his niece’s music playing, but as luck would have it, the cotton balls won’t come out.
  4. Devil In Man’s Eye – good ole Marv is money pressed and turns to his neighbor Patty for a loan.
  5. This Side of the Country – Jim is desperate to sell Henry a new set of kitchen stoves for his restaurant but can’t seem to close the deal until a bit of luck enters the situation.Match
  6. Made In Heaven – a young pair of lovers and the unexpected vulnerable side Mick decides to show.
  7. Perfect Little Bubble – after a freak out emotional episode takes place from Roxy, Harper reconsiders the idea of proposing to her.


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