7 Effective Short Plays for Acting Students

7 Effective Short Plays for Acting Students is a good place to look over High School and College audition material.  Thumb through our growing catalogue of plays and scripts.

7 Effective Short Plays for Acting Students

TOAST OF BROADWAY – an alcoholic writer and an actress in love cannot escape their demons in order to get ahead in life.

SMILE PRETTY, ALICE – one woman gives scorn to another when she discovers she’s been cheating on her husband.

MAPLE ROAD – this is a touching short play about a father and son trying to communicate as best they can, even though they are completely different individuals.

I CAN’T WIN – Nella cannot stand the man her daughter is dating and she tries to come to terms with her better self by speaking things over with her husband.

PAY ATTENTION – this monologue is taken from the short play Into The Cold Night Air With You and explores the aftermath of infidelity.

COFFEE TABLE – this one-act play explores the healthy or not so healthy mind of Melanie, who happens to reside in an insane asylum.

SECOND LOOK – Cher just wants to feel attractive again and as of late all she can muster up is a plane Jane vibe.

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